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DALE SMITH: How to finally safeguard Nova Scotia Crown land as valued public asset

NS Dept. Lands and Forestry has to go
Saltwire, August 25, 2021 - 6 min read

Ecological Forestry Practices in Nova Scotia

Ecological Forestry
July 19, 2021 - Video 10min

Take a tour of a forest days before it's to be harvested

Ben Kendrick's Photo Story
June 22, 2021

David Patriquin: Why [Nova Scotia] needs a clearcutting moratorium - a brief history lesson

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) - Text of a speech by naturalist and retired biology professor David Patriquin delivered at March 23, 2021 rally at Province House in support of a temporary clearcutting moratorium and marking the end of Jacob Fillmore's hunger strike after 23 days.
April 4, 2021

Greenwashing Advisory: Each of these phrases means "Clearcutting"

  • Even-aged
  • Variable retention
  • Over-storey removal
  • Salvage cut
  • Shelterwood

Exceptional videos on Forestry in Nova Scotia

Finding the Mother Tree

Suzanne Simard's work reveals the connection and communication between forest trees

Simard has spent the last four decades, with rigorous experiment and study, understanding how trees talk to each other. She's found that they are part of a mutually supportive community, sharing resources with both kin and strangers that are in need. In doing so, she's profoundly changed the way we should see forests.
CBC Radio
April 30, 2021
Text & audio (17mn)

Some of the problems associated with clearcutting

What's Environmentally Wrong with Clear-cutting?

Bob Bancroft
Nova Scotia Wildlife Biologist, President of Nature Nova Scotia
Spring, 2021
pdf - 8 pages

  • Removal of the forest canopy negatively affects other ecological zones.
  • Removal of all the trees from an area destroys the physical habitats of many wildlife species.
  • Increases soil erosion by water runoff. Soil quality takes a hit
  • Removal of trees shading streams raises the water temperature and lowers its oxygen levels to the detriment of fish and other aquatic fauna.

  • Loss of habitat impacts species-at-risk - birds, reptiles, and mammals
  • Elevation in stream temperatures of even a few degrees can make a huge difference to native plants, fish and amphibians,
  • Major destructive changes can take decades to correct.
  • Riverbank erosion causes collapse.
  • The water cycle is altered.
  • Quality of the atmosphere is adversely affected. Trees filter pollutants from the air, and are a key part of the carbon cycle.

  • Animals may be forced to find new habitats. Often they do not thrive and become vulnerable to predators or annoying to humans.
  • Can leave different (i.e. agricultural) ecosystems more vulnerable to invasive plants and animals.
  • Trees are effective carbon sinks. Clearcutting on a large scale could have a significant impact on global climate change.
  • Trees anchor soil. The degradation of soil is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing society at present and clearcutting contributes to it.
  • Increase risk of landslides and fires.
  • Can create new breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can transmit deadly diseases ranging from malaria to yellow fever.
  • Recreation associated with national forests may bring in 31 times as much income as logging these same national forests in the United States. Recreation can yield as many as 38 times as many jobs.
  • The natural beauty of forests is a draw for tourists as well as people who are looking to relocate.

  • Clearcutting is often used to feed the biomass industry. Burning Biomass is Not Renewable Energy and fuels the climate crisis

Stop Spraying and Clear-Cutting Mi'kma'ki (Nova Scotia) is raising awareness of the decades-lasting, harmful effects of clear-cutting and spraying of glyphosate-based herbicides on eco-systems, plants, animals and humans in Nova Scotia.

Our Nova Scotia Acadian Forests

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