Sample Letter to the Province regarding Forestry

Dear Premier, [appropriate minister] and other interested parties,

Undisturbed forests are crucial for a healthy climate, continuously taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in trees, shrubs and soil. Clearcutting transforms a swath of forest from a carbon "sink" into a carbon source, not only destroying CO2-absorbing trees, but emitting tons of new greenhouse gases in the process.

The Department of Lands and Forestry's plans to Cut and Spray and Cut again 800,000 acres of our Crown land is a sad, unacceptable and foolish long-term forestry strategy. It is Ecocide, a criminalized human activity that violates the principles of environmental justice, such as causing extensive damage or destroying ecosystems or harming the health and well-being of a species. It has not yet been accepted as an international crime by the United Nations. Please note the "not yet" - rest assured, its UN international crime status is coming.

Despite decades long public opposition, your ministry recently approved spraying Glyphosate on 3,700 acre of private land. Since then, as a result of vigorous opposition from neighbours, one 250 acre parcel has been spared this toxic treatment.

This is a comment from twitter:

"I could smell it while biking on the Cobiguid Trail in lower Truro today. If I can smell it,this means I am breathing it in along with everyone else getting fresh air on the trail. YUK. Makes you want to puke. The cows eat the GMO corn,soybeans and other crops all sprayed with Glyphosate cocktail. We eat the dairy and the beef. We all should have access to free Glyphosate testing.
Please cancel all the other approvals immediately."

When is your government going to enact sustainable, healthy and long-term economically prosperous forest regulations in Nova Scotia? Aside from forestry industry insider influence, I cannot imagine what is preventing such sound implementation.

Minister, this is your opportunity to be remembered as a visionary who creates, enforces and protects long-term sustainable and healthy forestry to the benefit of all who live, now and in the future.

Sincerely, and with hope
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Sample Letter to the Province regarding the Moose Country Blockade by Forest Protectors

Dear Premier, [appropriate minister], and other interested parties,

It's two weeks since the Forest Protectors set up their encampment in the Fourth Lake region of Digby County, between the Tobeatic and Silver River. As you know, an area which is historically and recently known to be inhabited by endangered Mainland Moose.

The number of volunteer protectors continues to grow. They are often joined by supportive local residents. Spirits continue to be high in spite of the weather. There is no intention to abandon the encampment.The longer a meaningful response is delayed, the greater the resolve to stay the course.

There has been little communication from the province except from Tim Houston and Lisa Roberts - from the Liberals, nothing but an acknowledgement of email receipt or auto-response.

As Minister, you are tasked with the protection of Species at Risk. It is well-acknowledged that the Mainland Moose are endangered, some recent numbers estimate fewer than 100.

As Minister, please reach out to these citizens whose sole reason for camping out on a snowy logging road in November is to protect the sadly dwindling population of Mainland Moose. The Province knows clearcutting is detrimental to moose habitat.

A forest is so much more than a source of trees to cut down for toilet paper, paper towels and woodchips. Let us not ignore that we are in a Climate Crisis, and it is only going to get worse if governments and industry continue "business as usual." Forests provide us with a huge carbon sink - as well as the oxygen we all need to survive. By saving forests, we can save ourselves, its flora and fauna including Nova Scotia's endangered Mainland Moose.

Sincerely, name, civic address including postal code, phone number

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