Mainland Moose Conservation Status in Nova Scotia: Critically endangered

Nova Scotia mainland moose map

Map by Shanni Bee, Conservation GIS Specialist

Letter to Derek Mombourquette
Minister of the Department of Lands & Forestry

From Bob Bancroft, President of Nature Nova Scotia. Included is a map of collected observations and data to determine which areas should be protected as core habitat for Mainland Moose.

December 4, 2020
Hon. Derek Mombourquette
Department of Lands and Forestry
3rd Floor, Founders Square, 1701 Hollis St.
PO Box 698
Halifax, NS B3J 2T9

Dear Mr. Mombourquette,
Re: Species at Risk Mainland Moose
After conferring with a number of knowledgeable local citizens, including First Nations peoples, we have created the attached map of known mainland moose areas in western Nova Scotia. This is an endangered species.

Nature Nova Scotia respectfully requests that Crown (public) land areas within the 60 sq km zones delineated on this map be excluded immediately from any even-aged harvesting that is currently underway, or being planned.

Current provisions to protect mainland moose and their habitats are simply inadequate.

We also respectfully request and await a response from your Department within the next two weeks. Time is important, for the moose, the habitats and the concerned citizens who have been blockading the logging roads for many weeks.
Sincerely, On behalf of the Nature NS Board
President, Nature Nova Scotia, Bob Bancroft

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