Stop Clearcutting Nova Scotia
Forest to be harvested

Ben Kendrick's twitter account bio reads "Hoping my curiosity is contagious. Obsessed with mushrooms. I'm sometimes wrong. Be smart." This page chronicles his day trip into a forest in Westchester Station, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.
"It's not very big, but it's a bit of a refuge from the other clear cuts in the area." Scheduled for "harvesting" in the next month . . . its glory days are numbered.
Step 1: Shelterwood cut takes all marketable lumber leaving low-value overstory.
Step 2: Ground-spray herbicide.
Step 3: Several years later, once fir is established remove rest of overstory
Story over for this endangered ecosystem. #ecocide

From left: Ben begins tweeting the thread of his findings.
(The descriptive text-and-comments are by him as well.)
Endangered ash is under attack by gall midge. Trillium.

Forest to be harvested
Gall Midge on endangered ash Trillium in Nova Scotia forest

From left:Pink Lady's Slipper. Porella Liverworts (tend to see it on older trees). A plant I "can't see too often" Cucumber Root - Medeola virginiana

Pink Lady's Slipper Porella Liverworts in Nova Scotia forest Medeola virginiana.png
Chaga on dead snag Chaga on dead snag

In this particular location there was very little chaga [Chaga is a fungus. It produces a woody growth, called a conk, which is used to make medicine], so I hope they leave this dead snag. Not very uncommon, but in this ecosystem it seemed to be.

Tsuga Canadensis - Eastern Hemlock
"I can only hope they're wise enough not to take this down. Big ol' bird's nest up there. With all the Vulnerable hemlocks, and Critically endangered ash trees in here I can't imagine how you could harvest here without damaging them."

Eastern Hemlock - at risk Eastern Hemlock - at risk
White ash in Nova Scotia forest

From left: Fraxinus americana - White Ash
Fairly mature specimens in here, although I think the ash borers may already be to some of them.
Peltigera praetextata [lichen] - it takes quite a lot of time for a rosette like this to grow.

Peltigera praetextata

Thanks for the tour Ben. Follow this busy explorer-forager on twitter: @FungiwithBengi